Terms and conditions: I International Photographic Competition on Film Locations in the Province of Almería

The Provincial Council of Almería announces the First International  Photographic Competition on Film Locations in the province of Almería, within the framework of activities included in the X International Short Film Festival “Almería en Corto” which will be held between 5 -9 December, 2011 .

1. All pictures that capture images of movie locations which may be totally or partially filmed in the province of Almería shall be considered.
Reference movies can be on any subject, genre or year of production.

2. Open to all amateurs and professionals and all nationalities over 18 years of age. Each participant may submit as many photos as desired but each photograph must be registered in the contest individually.

3. Any photographic technique is eligible, black and white or colour. Both analog and digital cameras and may be used as well as any analog or digital retouching.

4. The dimensions of the pictures must be 34 x 21 cm. The photographs must be submitted as follows: on photographic paper, framed on a white background with a 40 x 50 cm black colored aluminum frame, protected by glass or other protective material (acrylic, polyglass, etc …) and ready to be hung. At the back of each photograph, the title of the work, movie of reference and location, and the name, phone number and email address of the author must be stated.

5. The photographs must also be presented in digital format as jpg file with a 300 dpi resolution.

6. Photographs must be original and unpublished, they cannot have been published or edited totally or partially in any media, nor awarded nor involved in other competitions. Photographs cannot have been exhibited or have exhibition or selection commitments with any public or private entity.

7. The organization assumes that participants who have registered their work owns the copyright. In any case, the organization disclaims any liability arising from the infringement of this rule.

8. There will be a selection of all photographs submitted which will be posted on the site by the organization on the first day of celebration of the X International Short Film Festival “Almería en Corto ‘. Dates, times and location of the exhibition will be published on the website http://www.almeriaencorto.es during the days of the festival.
A jury of photographic, artistic, and cultural professionals and organizational members with input but no vote will arrange the selection and awarding of the following prizes.

First prize: 600 Euros and a trophy.
Second prize: 300 Euros and a trophy.
Third prize: 200 Euros and a trophy.

Payment of awards will be made by bank transfer.

The awards will be subject to applicable tax laws. Winners must provide a photocopy of the tax identification number, as a requirement to proceed with the bank transfer.

No special mention will be given.
The presentation of works to the jury is anonymous. Only the organization will know the identity of the contestants.
9. The criteria for selection of photographs and awards will be based on artistic quality, originality and creativity of the work.
10. The winning photographs will become property of the Province of Almería, with the rights of use, exhibition, reproduction and cultural and non-profit public distribution in the province of Almeria.
The Provincial Council of Almería will be allowed to set up exhibitions that are timely with the selected photos until October 31st, 2012 in municipalities of the province of Almeria.
In the month of November, 2012, selected but non- winning photos may be withdrawn by their authors or representatives. They can also be sent to the authors provided that they pay for the delivery costs.
Photos not selected may be withdrawn by their authors, representatives or sent to the authors provided that the pay for the delivery costs within 30 days after the end of the exhibition.
Works which after the relevant time have not been withdrawn will automatically become the property of the Province of Almería, provided that such works have been donated by their authors for use, exhibition, reproduction and cultural and non-profit public distribution in the province of Almeria.

11. The organization will take care of the handling of the works. However, no responsibility for losses, theft, damage, etc. will be taken.

12. The registration period ends on November 18th, 2011.

Participants will present their work as detailed in the fourth clause, along with the application form attached to these rules, from 9.00 to 14.00 at the following address:

Diputación de Almería
Registro General

C / Rodrigo Navarro, 17
04001 Almería

Applications may be sent by certified mail. In this case the date of delivery must meet the deadline. In this case, it must be communicated to the cultural department via fax (950211195). Applications not received within seven calendar days after the end of the deadline will not be accepted.

13. Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of the statements of the terms and conditions.
The organization reserves the right to exclude from the event any work which does not comply with the rules or due to other reasons not covered in them.
Prizes will be awarded within the framework of the International Short Film Festival X ‘Almería en Corto’.

Contact Information:
Email: jrosasol@dipalme.org
Telephone number: 950 211 346 / 950 211 183

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